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Once you have uploaded your                     on our website, we will send you the Seaman Referral Link.

This link will directly upload your necessary documents to the client web portal, thus initiating your joining procedure.

We, our affiliates or associates do not charge any service fee from Seafarers!



Deck Officers 

Senior Watchkeeping Officers 

Environmental Officer

Security Officer

2nd Electro-Technical Officer

IT Officer

Electro-technical officer

Computer System Specialist

Staff Photographer

Hotel Services Engineer

Chief mate

Engineering officers

First engineer

Fourth engineer

Third engineer

Second engineer

Chief steward

Entry Level-Restaurant Department

Kitchen Stewards

Chief cook

Food & Beverage Manager

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

Junior Assistant Food &

Beverage Manager

Bar Department

Culinary Arts-Cooks, Chefs, CDP

Housekeeping – Supervisors


Stage Crew

Second mate

Third mate

Deck cadet

Deck ratings

Second Plumbers

Ordinary seaman

Able seaman


Entry-Level Retail Positions

Junior Assistant Purser

Spa, Fitness, and Salon




How to apply

How to apply?


· Applicants must be 21 years of age – requirement established by cruise lines

· All applicants must have very good command of the English language

· Most entry-level positions require 2 years of professional experience

· Contract length may vary from cruise line to cruise line

· All shipboard jobs require crew members to work 7 days a week

· A strong work ethic is essential

· Experience criteria relaxed for Entry Level/Fresher Candidates.

The first step in this process is to 


Once your application is selected for employment by a Employer, the Administration team for the cruise line/Vessel you will be joining will take over and communicate directly with you to assist you with all joining documents and requirements. These may include a maritime US entry visa (C1/D visa), a medical examination, a seamen’s book, an official English test and a police background check, among others. Please do not proceed with any of these requirements until instructed to do so by the cruise line as the validity of these documents may expire prior to your scheduled joining date. Flights to and from home to the ship you will be joining will be arranged and paid by the Employer.


Once your joining documents are received and processed by the Employer, you will be ready to join for your first ship contract. The joining process may take as long as 2 months. Most contracts vary from 4 to 6 months on board followed by 2 months of leave (vacation) for ocean cruise lines and approximately 2 months on board followed by 2 weeks off for river cruise line jobs. Once a crew member has completed his/her first job contract, he/she is automatically scheduled by the hiring cruise line to return for additional contracts (based on performance during first contract). This means that the relationship between the applicant and OUR Staff is limited to the steps required to secure initial employment with a cruise line/Vessel.


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