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There are hundreds of candidates aspiring to join the seafarer Industry across the globe.


Many of them Trained by Institutes, many of them under training from various Institutes, many of them still waiting for their first joining.


The Industry is so vast that many newcomers do not understand the difference between a vessel and a tug boat, thus falling victim to the wrong Recruitment Agencies.


We are a United States Of America based duly registered and Incorporated REFERRAL AGENCY, working as a bridge between the candidates and Shipping Companies.

Here's how

In simple terms, we do not charge any service charges or fee from the candidates who join our clients onboard different Merchant Ships and Cruise Lines.




So how do we generate revenue?

We get our commission from our clients, who are basically spread across America and who are mainly Authorised Recruitment Agencies and the direct shipping companies themselves.


How are we different?

We are different because, we match  every resume in our database with Hundreds of new openings every day. Thus, enhancing chance of every candidate multiple times for quick and relevant selection.

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In current year of post-pandemic, the Merchant Ship Industry has gained immense boost in business due to various reasons.

Whereas, the Cruise Line Industry is yet to operate at its full potential.

Among this 360 degree shift in the shipping industry, our Agency has spread its wings on the horizon, by inviting and introducing experienced as well as  Fresher Seafarers  to the prospective employers.

Our client list is rapidly expanding throughout U.S. and other Continents.

As a Referral Agency, we do the basic work of pre screening the candidates for our clients.


Royal Seaway USA

1014 W 36th St

Baltimore, MD 21211


Whatsapp: +1 (443)207-1162

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